Is your ex spouse cohabiting unlawfully?

Real Case Story: A.L.I. Agency

Richard’s Story:

Real Case Story: A.L.I. Agency


After 23 years of marriage, Richard experienced what so many individuals do- divorce. He was ordered to pay alimony to his ex wife. Now, Several years later.. he has a feeling his ex wife was cohabitating unlawfully. While conducting online research about private investigation services in Mobile, AL he contacted A.L.I. Agency expressing his desire to determine the cohabitation of his ex wife and her new love interest. After consulting with his personal case manager, and his represented family law attorney – it was determined that through a cohabitation investigation – obtaining evidence of frequent visitors and any new marriages of his ex wife would be the optimal course of action.

Over the course of a 30 day period, our accomplished and seasoned investigators, started at the task at hand: to confirm or deny the cohabitation allegations. The team of professional Private Investigators at A.L.I. Agency conducted a covert neighborhood canvas and learned that his ex-wife did in fact have a boyfriend. Later, that same evening, our expert private investigators obtained video evidence of her new boyfriend arriving at the residence and confirmed his identity through a multitude of investigation efforts. Our team proceeded to document the boyfriends presence at the residence daily, varying times of the day – including late night and early day. After this phase of the investigation concluded, our covert undercover investigation efforts began. While conducting personal interaction with Richard’s ex wife, our skilled private investigators documented through recorded video – evidence of the ex wife admitting the marriage and cohabitation, which began 3 years ago. The truth came directly from her own mouth. A marital background check also confirmed our findings.


A.L.I Agency provided legal evidence for Richard and his attorney, which was used to immediately file an injunction to modify alimony., After the evidence was submitted – The judge ruled in Richard’s favor and he won. Starting the following month his alimony payments were modified and dropped. He was paying $4,000.00 a month and had been for 3 years with 7 years remaining. Our team of private investigators saved Richard over $300,000.00. 

Are you paying alimony to an ex spouse, that is not abiding by the court order. Is your ex spouse cohabitating unlawfully? We are on standby to discuss your alimony and/or child support issues. Call or Text us today for a free case consultation today, so we can help determine if A.L.I. Agency can help win your case. 251.272.3499

There is only one truth. We find it.

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