Domestic Background Checks vs International Background Verification

A.L.I. Agency offer a range of Background Investigation Services.

International backgrounds: Unlike the common domestic employment screening, for which companies likely have established processes and policies, international background screening may be foreign territory for businesses and many employers don’t have the resource information to know where to begin with international screening. Pre-employment screening is becoming more complex as organizations increasingly look to overseas job markets. It is now common for a job applicant to have been raised and educated in and to have worked in several different countries. Employers recognize that candidate screening at all levels is more complex and vital to organizational well being. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 4 out of 5 employers use some form of nontraditional staffing such as hiring freelancers, temporary workers or independent contractors on an as-needed basis. Employers largely have the same liability issues with these workers as with regular employees, and more employers are choosing to screen these workers to protect themselves. A.L.I. can help with Domestic and International Background Verification Investigations.

Our Background Investigation Services include:

At A.L.I. Agency, LLC we cover over 250 countries for international backgrounds, obtaining records and information for personal or businesses in the categories below:

  • Credit & Finance
  • Civil Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Vital records
  • Due Diligence and Media reports
  • Property and Assets
  • Identity & Credentials
  • Verification & Reference

Alabama Legal Investigations (A.L.I.) Agency is a full service Private Investigation Agency that services clients in Alabama and Mississippi and surrounding areas. Check out our website to explore additional services that we offer. There is only one truth. We find it.

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