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How can hiring a Private Investigator help with my divorce / child custody case?

Choosing a Private Investigator

Just like family law lawyers, there are often a number of private investigators from which to choose. Alabama now requires PIs to be licensed (to testify etc.) When choosing a private investigator to hire – make sure you are asking them the right questions before hand. Some important considerations when choosing a private investigator are whether the PI is licensed, how long he or she has been in business, the type of services that the investigator provides, the training, education and experience that he or she has obtained and whether the private investigator agrees to testify in court.

Evidence of Adultery or Misconduct

A private investigator can investigate if a spouse is committing adultery or other types of marital misconduct. Every state has no-fault divorce laws that do not require the evidence of wrongdoing in order to grant a divorce. However, marital misconduct is sometimes relevant for proceedings involving spousal support in states in which support is barred if one party’s conduct led to the demise of the marriage. Additionally, marital misconduct may also help provide the judge with character info which could result in more favorable terms for a spouse. A P.I. Can help gather evidence for a spouse seeking a restraining order they can also provide the basis of pre-divorce relief, including custody matters, child support, spousal support and the payment of legal fees, in some cases.

Tools Private Investigators Use:

Our Private investigators at ALI Agency are trained professionals who know how to look into cases while being discreet. They may pose as someone undercover to learn more about the target. They may use special databases that are generally unavailable to the public. This helps them look into suspicions regarding the spouse in order to build a case against him or her. There are many resources that our professional, qualified, expert Investigators use to conduct the most thorough investigation possible.

Private investigators know which websites to avoid that provide inaccurate, unverified or outdated information in favor of databases that provide accurate and current information about the subject. Many private investigators also perform surveillance as part of their job. They are accustomed to following someone without being detected. While conducting surveillance, they take pictures or video of the subject so that there is objective evidence of the party’s actions. Private investigators have special experience and training to analyze the information that they have and to present it to the court in a concise yet compelling manner. They may also create special reports that summarize this information in a way that provides evidence in your favor, that is beneficial. ALI Agency now has a client login page on our website that allows are clients to securely login and keep up with the progress of their case. This is a new addition to our website, along with our online Process Service Portal. Check out the Process Service online order tab on our website to learn more about this new feature.

FREE Consultation with an Expert Private Investigator. ALI Agency

A client may talk to the private investigator alone or with his or her family lawyer. During this consultation, the client should discuss why he or she believes a private investigator is necessary. He or she should provide as much information about the target as possible and as much detailed description about the case that they can. It is important to be open with the investigator so that he or she understands the case and what is being requested. Additionally, the private investigator will discuss cost, break down charges and give an estimate on the price of the project. It is common for a private investigator to charge a retainer for his or her services.  Determining the optimal window of time that is most beneficial in obtaining results is very helpful in these types of cases. At ALI Agency, the retainer for a divorce / custody investigation starts around $1500-$2000. Our investigators are the best in town and our prices are by far the most reasonable.
ALI Agency is on standby and offers a free case consultation. Contact us today to discuss the circumstances of your divorce / child custody case and we can help you determine if our services are something that could help win your case. There is only one truth.. we find it!

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