Workman’s Comp Fraud : Success Story

Workman’s Comp. : Employer’s Success Story : ALI Agency – Expert Fraud Investigators The Director of Human Resources at a large company, met with our Director of Investigations for a Free Case Consultation to determine if ALI Agency’s services would benefit them in a pending Workman’s Comp case. While reviewing the employee claim and injuryContinue reading “Workman’s Comp Fraud : Success Story”

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator in Alabama?

Every investigation agency in the world has their own pricing structure for their services. We are giving an insight on how much it costs the clients of ALI Agency in Mobile and Daphne, AL to hire a private investigator. We are an Alabama based private investigation agency specializing in surveillance and litigation support.  Our servicesContinue reading “How much does it cost to hire a private investigator in Alabama?”

iPhone Spyware Detection

Cellphone spy apps are more common than one would think. Do you think someone is spying on you? Phone hacked? Read below to learn more about iPhone spyware detection from an investigator in Alabama. The most common advice is to look for the following signs on your iPhone: Battery drains faster than usual Battery getsContinue reading “iPhone Spyware Detection”

Domestic Background Checks vs International Background Verification

International backgrounds: Unlike the common domestic employment screening, for which companies likely have established processes and policies, international background screening may be foreign territory for businesses and many employers don’t have the resource information to know where to begin with international screening. Pre-employment screening is becoming more complex as organizations increasingly look to overseas jobContinue reading “Domestic Background Checks vs International Background Verification”

Is your ex spouse cohabiting unlawfully?

Real Case Story: A.L.I. Agency Richard’s Story: Real Case Story: A.L.I. Agency Richard After 23 years of marriage, Richard experienced what so many individuals do- divorce. He was ordered to pay alimony to his ex wife. Now, Several years later.. he has a feeling his ex wife was cohabitating unlawfully. While conducting online research aboutContinue reading “Is your ex spouse cohabiting unlawfully?”

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